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All Over The Map cover
“A winning coming-of-middle-age memoir”

All Over the Map

(Harmony, 2010; Paperback, Broadway Books, 2011)

An Italian Affair cover
“Sweet, smart. We are smitten from the start.”
O: The Oprah Magazine

An Italian Affair

(Pantheon, 2001)

Losing It cover
“A welcome message for many women.”
Kirkus Reviews

Losing It

False Hopes and Fat Profits in the Diet Industry
(Random House, 1997)


  • “Italy in Seventeen Courses,” A Moveable Feast: Life-Changing Food Adventures Around the World, edited by Don George (Lonely Planet2010).
  • “The Joy of Mindful Cooking,” The Best Buddhist Writing 2010, edited by Melvin McLeod (Shambala, 2010).
  • “My So-Called Genius,” Voices in Today’s Magazines (Writer’s Institute Publications, 2010).
  • The Perils of the Privileged Poor,” The Secret Currency of Love, edited by Hilary Black (William Morrow, 2009).
  • “How to Dress Like a Cowgirl,” It’s So You: 35 Women Write About Personal Expression Through Fashion and Style, edited by Michelle Tea (Seal Press, 2007).
  • “Suburban Hottentot,” The Bigger the Better the Tighter the Sweater: 21 Funny Women on Beauty, Body Image and Other Hazards of Being Female, edited by Samantha Schoech & Lisa Taggart (Seal Press, 2007). San Francisco Chronicle bestseller.
  • “Mifepristone,” Abortion Under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice, edited by Krista Jacob (Seal Press, 2006).
  • “The Food of Love,” Mexico, a Love Story, edited by Camille Cusumano (Seal Press, 2006).
  • “My Last Two-Night Stand,” Single Women of a Certain Age, edited by Jane Ganahl (Inner Ocean Publishing, 2005).
  • “An Affair to Remember,” Italy, A Love Story, edited by Camille Cusumano (Seal Press, 2005).
  • “Where Boys Grow Up to Be Girls,” The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2005, edited by Lucy McCauley (Travelers’ Tales, 2005).
  • “Stepping off the Mommy Track,” Roar Softly and Carry a Great Lipstick, edited by Autumn Stephens (Inner Ocean, 2004).
  • “Serendipity,” The Kindness of Strangers, edited by Don George (Lonely Planet, 2003).
  • “The Filicudi Effect,” Best Food Writing 2002, edited by Holly Hughes (Marlowe & Company, 2002).
  • “Why I Stopped Being a Vegetarian,” Best Food Writing 2000, edited by Holly Hughes (Marlowe & Company, 2000). This essay has been included in about 30 college texts and readers.
  • “Italian Affair,”’s Wanderlust: Real-life Tales of Adventure and Romance, edited by Don George (Villard, 2000).
  • “Kelly Call Girl,” Bad Attitude: the Processed World anthology (edited by Chris Carlsson, 2000).
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