An Italian Affair

Pantheon, 2001 (240 pages)

Anyone who has ever dreamed of having a romantic encounter while traveling will find much to savor in Laura Fraser’s true story. Fraser’s travelogue is in no way a superficial or trivial book about a soon-to-be-forgotten fling, however. Writing with great emotional depth and insight, Fraser candidly describes the devastating marriage breakup that became the catalyst for her journey to Italy, and the life-affirming relationship she discovers while trying to simply lose herself. Her trip begins in Florence, a city she knows well, but before long Fraser feels that her time among friends won’t allow her to put the necessary distance between herself and the painful memories of her husband. Striking out alone, Fraser finds herself on the island of Ischia, where her affair begins. An intense, beautifully written book that explores sensitive issues with great candor and courage, An Italian Affair is a mesmerizing read, filled with fresh, vivid descriptions of the food, wine, and other pleasures of Ischia.

Praise for An Italian Affair

“Sweet, smart. We are smitten from the start.”
O: The Oprah Magazine

“Luscious… Fraser is such a charmer, so smart, honest, observant, incisive and funny, that within a few pages the reader is entirely hers.”
The Washington Post

“A beach book for your brain… A sexy, intellectual read.”

“Both a grand travelogue and a thoughtful look at reclaiming independence.”
Conde Nast Traveller

“A deliciously romantic story, made even more captivating by the idea that someone actually experienced it.”
The Times (London)