Narrative Solutions

Narrative Solutions is the name of my company, which specializes in clear, engaging content. The way to engage people is to tell compelling stories. I’ve helped several companies, foundations, and other clients create their narratives, offering a variety of editorial services, including articles, op-eds, web copy, and journalistic reports. I’ve also ghost-written and edited books for clients including non-profit executives, physicians, chefs, and academics. I’m skilled at structuring narratives, distilling a lot of complicated information into friendly, readable stories, and making dull prose lively.

I have experience in the realms of medical writing, women’s health, memoir, personal essay, opinion pieces, and education. I help my clients focus on their message and cut through a lot of material to get to the heart of their stories. I listen to my clients and make the pieces I write for them to reflect their voice and values. I’ve taken material I don’t initially understand much about–say, agile pod software theory or monoclonal antibodies–and by the time I absorb it, I can turn it into something fun to read. My goal is always to make whatever you’d like to publish as appealing as possible to the audience you’d like to reach. I’m also a stickler about perfect grammar and spelling, so you’ll get very clean copy from me, along with cheerful revisions.

I’m particularly interested in clients who are passionate about their projects and about the impact that what they are doing and communicating has on the world, whether in the realms of medical discoveries, global health, innovative education, healthy eating and farming, or environmental stewardship.

I have an extensive network of other writers, editors, photographers, and videographers to help you tell your story in the media that makes most sense.

Some of my clients include:


Planned Parent Federation of America

Vital Health, Inc.


Nora Pouillon/Restaurant Nora

ConnectEd California/Detroit

Global Fund for Women

VSA Designs

National Resource Defense Council